Can Dirty Laundry Make My Family Sick?

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Our final contestant matter. Doctor Oz, my husband leaves his dirty clothes in pretty much every room of the house. I even find his dirty socks in the kitchen this disgusting habit make me sick. [APPLAUSE] Tim, Tim, Tim why is this so hard for men that throw the laundry in the basket.

I mean, it sounds awful to say but it kind of end up there anyway. In the basket or? Yeah. Yes, very interestingly say what do you think about that what do you pick up for Tim? He's taking advantage of this. It is easier than asking I have asked and asked it is such easier to do it.

You think it is bad for your health that you got stuff lying around? Yes and for our kids. And for your kids Tim what's the answer you think it is dangerous? I guess, I don't think about it, I just take it off. [LAUGH] He is speaking for all men what's the answer for your dirty laundry around the house be making you sick the answer is, [SOUND] no.

[APPLAUSE] And here's why if you're underwear on your kitchen counter I would accept that I can do that fecal bacteria in there it can spread and cause infections but since it's just dirty socks if I'm understanding correctly and pants and there on the ground usually it contain everyday bacteria that your body is pretty used to so it's not going to make you sick unless you immune system is compromised.

I'm going to ask you a question I always want to ask this to women any way. Why don't you just let Tim's clothing and laundry pile up until even Tim was fed up with it? I'll have to give it a try. Right, so I've got tips for both of your here. I would try that first though. There are clean solutions like borax that you can put on your counter tops.

Boric acid is the main ingredient in here, it's very powerful but it's still green. Which means I can kill off the mold, the fungus, but it's not toxic for you. Put a half as cup of this into a gallon of hot water it will kill off all kinds of germs and for Tim by friend, I'm giving you a laundry basket.