Will Taking a Daily Aspirin Make My Macular Degeneration Worse?

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We have a medical some medical question submitted from a viewer, they say I have Macular degeneration and taking Aspirin a day and I also have Heart Disease and I recently read that aspirin may make my Macular degeneration worse, what should I do? Good question. A recent study suggests that daily Aspirin use seems to be related to worsening Macular degeneration duration which is the disease they can ultimately cause blindness, however in the ask of the day have been found to be beneficial in heart disease therefore in this patient's case it seem that the benefits of the Aspirin probably outweigh the risks.

What about those patients out there who don't have heart disease? Well if you have Macular degeneration and you should talk to you doctor about it and your eye doctor about it and see what the benefits are for aspirin for you and if it's not maybe such a good idea,.