What Is the Best Food for Eye Health?

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Each of these foods is argued to perhaps be helpful for your eyes, I want you to tell me how helpful they are for your eyes. So, leafy green vegetables, does it make a difference? I would think so, I would say yes. In a scale of 1-10, how important? Seven. >>Seven. What do you guys think? Eight, >Eight, ten.

Who said 10? We've got some smart people out there. The most important thing that you can do for your eyes, so very very helpful. How about carrots? Definitely. Who thinks? I've always thought so, my grand mum told me. Because carrots actually are not that effective. They are great for other reasons but in the World War II, the British fighter pilots discovered something called radar and they were able to see Nazi planes coming over Britain and they could shoot them down but they didn't want the Germans to find out that they had radar so they made up this myth because the British had a lot of carrots, hat it was the carrot that were giving the fighter pilots the ability to see the planes and that is the myth that is propagated till today.

So you should eat your carrots but not for your eyes. My husband will be excited because I'll not make him carrot meals anymore. I will >>You did a spectacular job. Well, thank you. Can you give Jackie a hand. Thank you, thank you so much.