What Happens During an Eye Scan?

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I'm really psyched, because right now we're going to do something that has never been done before on this show. Today, for the first time ever, we're going to look inside the brain of someone in this audience and we're going to do it live. Did I get your attention? Everyone is ready? Now, before I show you how to do this, of course I need a little help, I need a brave volunteer from the audience to come be our subject.

So, if you're sitting in seat number 117. How are you? I'm [xx].How are you?How are you? Let me fix you up here a little, you look beautifully dressed.Thank you. You're handsome. Well, you're very kind. Thank you. What's your name? I'm Jackie.Where are you from? Philadelphia. Have you ever had brain surgery? No.

No, I haven't. Go and have a sit here. Okay. By the way, before you sit,you seen an MRI scan anywhere a CT scan anybody? No.Nothing fancy, right? So we're actually going to have the look, and that's the point here, we're going to actually visualize your brains so have a seat. Here is a consent form, it actually degnifies us.

Oh my god.All right, stop.In fact there are much more effective ways for us to look at your brain today on set, any idea by the way how I might do this? Scans. Okay we're going to scan your eyes and to do that, I've invited a friend so you can bring your sit back here. Okay. [xx] are going to join us from ectos will be here, and then he's going to set you up in this little device here.

All right. It's a really cool. Is it here? Yeah. Now what this device does, and I just tried it before the show, is it actually focus there on the back of your eye and takes a beautiful picture for us. So, go ahead and lets see what it looks like. Okay, I'm gonna just ask you to turn towards the device.

And we are looking at the retina, right? So we are going to look through the lens that's in the front, through that circular structure called the iris that beautiful colored iris that we all have and there is her iris. You see it all there? And she's going to focus in on it. Oh, a target practice we got it there.

We are locked. Both eyes wide. Are you sure it doesn't hurt? No.All right, you get picture acceptable? It is. Come join me while they process that. You have very pretty eyes. Oh thank you. So turn this way now. So what we did, actually, was to put your eyes up on the screen here and we are going to look again through the brown iris that you have because you have brown eyes and we are going to look through the middle and that right there is your eye now.

See the yellow thing up in the middle there, it's like the sun? That is called the optic nerve. Okay. And by the optic nerve I'm not talking about the optic nerve that goes to your brain, that is part of your brain, directly connected to it. The blood vessels coming out of the eye are the only blood vessels we can see directly.

Okay. Without having to cut your skin. And this colors behind the eye are important because those colors are how we process light that comes into the eye. Thank you very much. Are you happy with the image? Very grateful. Thank you. So, I've got an animation that I took a .With the animation we're tackling all the eyes right now, so let's go to the animation and you see you're looking out in that beautiful vista and as you do that the lights go through the iris into the back of your eye.

Lets process what happens to that image. It goes through the lens and focuses in the back where they have these little receptors, they have colors in them. And those colors actually process the light comes in and shoot electrical signals down the the optic nerve that we saw, that's that yellow pad that we saw before that's your eye.

and if you have splotchiness or devastating illnesses in the back of the retina, it can destroy the back of your eye. Oh, no. So, you've heard of retinal diseases. I've heard of it. Retinal detachments, that's when it tears of by mistake. Yes. You have macular degeneration where part of the retina that when you focus light on begins to die.Okay.Those are those two big ailments.

Now I've got a little quiz for you. All right. We're going to find out how you can actually help protect your eye. Now that you can press this with your eye.