Is It Harmful to My Eyes to Sit Close to the TV?

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A good question, Kareem is here, where's Kareem? Hey, Kareem how are you? Hi Dr. Oz? Nice to meet you.What's your question? I have a question, when watching television, is it dangerous to get too close to the television screen. Like I could be watching sports and a great action play come along, or a beautiful lady.

I just get right up on the screen. Is that bad for my eye? No, they won't be doing across the screen, maybe drool a little bit. All right, here is the deal, in the old days there was the problem with television speakers they are very powerful, with different technologies in the 50s they emitted radiation, and that radiation could in fact damage you a little bit, so that was a good advice in the 50s but today we don't have televisions of that nature anymore.

However, let me show you a little animation that may show you what I'm more worried about with television, so let's say you're looking at a book for example, and if look in the book and you see anything interesting obviously and this is the lens and up above the lens and below the lens are muscles that are actually going to be used to get the lens to grow a little bit so you can focus better.

That's how we focus, alright there's the box light comes to the lens that watch the muscle so the muscle pull back that squeezes the lens together a little more, so it becomes a little bit rounder than in this shape that it had and then you see the images finally is put on the back of the eye.

That work per the muscle causes strain in the eye so if you are took close to television you'll strain your eyes, so rule thumb three times a day not a way from the state in order to avoid the eye strain but you are not causing yourself bodily other than eye strain. Thank you.

Thank you Kareem, thank you.