Eat Less Meat to Prevent Cataracts

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I'm Dr. Oz with an important health tip to perfect you [xx] and avoid cataracts. Cataracts occur when old proteins build up in the lens and cloud the vision which sometimes beat the blindness without surgery. But here is a tip to help prevent cataract and sharpen your vision, just switch the meat filling in your tackle meal to fish and serve it with saucer and a side of coslow.

Research shows that limiting youe intake of meat to no more than 12 ounces a week and eating more fish, vegetables and fruits, can reduce your risk for getting cataracts. In a study, researches examined the link between dietary habits and cataracts risk in older adults. He found that adults 65 and older, who ate the most meat at least 24 ounces a week, that's about 4 large steaks, had the highest rate of cataracts.

Those who limited meat intake to half that, about four small three ounce servings a week slashed their risk of cataracts by 15%, and people, who limited meat and replaced it with fish, fruit and veggies had the lowest cataracts risk of all. So help save your sight with this tasty solution and watch more great health tips right here.