Better Eggs for Your Eyes

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Dr. Oz here with today's health tip. You want to see clearly into your golden years? Well, add the right kind of eggs to your plate. You've probably seen all kinds of specialty eggs at the grocery stores, vegetarian eggs, cage free eggs, even eggs enhanced with Omega-3s. It's worth spending a little more on lutein enriched Eggs.

These eggs have two to three times the lutein found in regular eggs thanks to a marigold extract in the chickens feed. That's great news for your eyes, because lutein is an antioxidant that helps protect your eyes from age related micro degeneration. Be sure to eat those golden yolks because that's where lutein is.

And the fat in the eggs helps your body absorb that lutein even better. Not a big fan of eggs? Well, you can also find lutein in green veggies. Like spinach and kale. Just be sure to enjoy them, with a drizzle of heart healthy fats like olive oil to help your body absorb that great lutein. You want more simple ways to nourish your health?

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