What Vitamins Can I Take to Boost My Energy?

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We are back [UNKNOWN] health minister now. I'm going to take down some of the most shocking ones that are making you exhausted, I'm going to show you how to conquer them and supercharge your energy today. First up is Barbara. So what do you believe Barbara? I believe that the more vitamins you take, the more energy you have.

Yeah. A lot of black folks thing that. We take a lot of vitamins I think for that reason. More vitamins gives you more energy. What do you guys think? Myth or truth? [NOISE] The reality is, it is a myth. Really? It's a myth. The shock's folk, more vitamin don't necessarily give you more energy.

At frankly a lot of folks turn the energy drink to contain mega doses of vitamins with the mistaken believe that will give you that quick pick me up. Sure. Not all vitamins work that way. The reality is your body can only process a certain amount, usually a small amount, of vitamins that you would naturally find in a food source any way, that's what we're designed to be able to do.

But if you want to pee out all the extra vitamins that you take, the excess ones, which you actually end up doing, you pick the ones that work better. But there are two vitamins that will keep you [UNKNOWN] a little bit. This is my fatigue fighting cocktail, these two will make a difference in how you feel in the level of fatigue you have.

The first one is B complex vitamins. You can take 50 milligrams or say 50 milligrams complex on it. It's not 50 milligrams of all the B Vitamins but of the big ones it is. And the other one is that the housing units of vitamin D. Okay. Take the D3, now why does this make a difference? The B Vitamins are important for the functioning of the machinery of your cells, to make energy, so not surprisingly, they put higher opting gas into your body for metabolism perspective.

And the Vitamin D is really interesting. Vitamin D actually reduces the drowsiness that people will get and if you think about it if you go out in the sun it wakes you up. So, that shocking that we finally figure this out, but it actually turned up to be true. So take these both at breakfast, it will help you with your afternoon slam.