What Is a Quick and Simple Workout to Rev up My Metabolism?

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Alright, so I've got Chris Miles[sp?] [xx] world class trainer in our studio. You make sure you get to work out with him, so we're going to do a quick work out, this one everyone at home can do, the busting of metabolism barriers holding you back from being who you could be. Chris take it way.

Okay, first thing to do is a core-exercise. I like to call them draw bridges so I'm going to have you down on the ground on your elbows bridging up. A lot of people they kid [xx] their complains, right? Right. Let's put that plank in motion, it's called the [xx], touch your hands to the ground, bridge it up,down to the ground, bridge it up, bring it out to five plates [xx], good old ten push ups, right [xx] like this we got [xx] Absolutely love it.

Yeah. [xx] Now, after those push ups, let's roll it over, and this is one for the ladies, it's called the marching bridge and it's great for the [xx] the butt and thighs, we want to work those, so. This the marching bridge, where we bridge up, we come down, we bridge up and we come down, we do 15 of these, bridge as high as you can and you really start feeling it, don't you? [xx] 90 degrees.

Yeah, that's it. Keep your knee bent at 90 degrees, bridge it up. Perfect. [xx] 15 of these and then as soon as we're done with the 15, we're going to stand up, and we're going to be 20 back lunges, and these can a little bit of a challenge so, if this is difficult for you, you can just dip that knee but if you're somewhat athletic, you can touch back knee to the ground, stand it up, back left.

Once again this is another exercise utilized in the [xx] that grab my hand but to those really game off. You have to stabilize yourself. Yes, absolutely. So we're going to go through 20 of these. Why do you do back lunges rather than forward lunges? Well, forward lunges is definitely a little bit quart which is not a bad thing, the only thing is that the larger the quart get, if we don't focus on the hamstring, it could put a lot of pressure in the knee.

So I like these back lunges because as you pull your body forward, it really focuses on the glutes and the hamstrings. There's a saying that we have in the industry that says, "These are for show, these are for go." Oh, I like that. Yeah. So, we want to focus on those go muscles, not the show muscles, so.

Absolutely Now, here's the challenge, five minutes, do as many rounds as you can. This is a race between you and me, alright. [xx] 5 five bridge, 5 draw bridges, 10 push ups, 15 of those marching bridges and then 20 reverse lunges. Okay. You're ready? What was the first one again? You guys ready? three, two, one, let's go.

One, two, three, four, five. Now, there it is [xx]. Cheer me up, I need help. Here we go. Seven, six, we've got five more, four, three, two, one, good. [xx] [xx] Keep going guys love you.