Reap the Health Benefits of a Power Nap

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Hi, Doctor Kevin Soden here. How do you conquer those mid afternoon energy crashes, sugar? Coffee? Both? Well coffee is good for you but here's another option, try a 10 minute nap. That 10 minute power nap will help sharpen your focus and memory it will also reduce stress and boost productivity, between 3 and 5 pm is the ideal napping time.

Keeping it brief will help you avoid feeling groggy when you wake up, and it won't interfere with your nighttime sleep. Try these tips for your siesta. Find a quiet spot, it can be at your desk on a bench or even out in your car in the parking lot. Set an alarm for 10 minutes eventually you'll be able to wake yourself up when the 10 minutes are up.

If it's not dark use eye shades concentrate on your breathing, let your thoughts flow, notice them but don't focus on them, focus on tense muscles and imagine them relaxing. Breathe slowly drift. Even if you don't drift off to sleep it's still refreshing break. For more ways to nature your health watch all our tips right here.