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Next time you feel your energy fading fast skip to gum be in the sugar heats and head to the drug store instead because that's where you're going to find some the best and most surprising cures to boost your energy. Diana from the audience is going to help prove this stay with me.

How are you Diana? I'm good, how are you? So, what did you do for [xx]? Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine. With some sugar on top. Yeah. And I like espresso too. For the road. Yeah. Alright, so I'm going to lock you some drug store cures, these things are super valuable especially to folks who are caffeine sugar roller coaster.

The first drug store cure which you all know about can be found in the food oil. This big food oil as you know there especially coated nuts. Now, you know I love nuts anyway, they're high in magnesium, magnesium helps convert sugar to energy. So, it's a good thing to have anyway, but I got two nut coatings and the perfect combo for energy.

These are going to boost your nutrients you need to be energized. One of these is roasted cocoa [xx], let's try this on. When you have dark chocolate coating on top of almonds, go ahead taste it. You get a little bit of that sweetness, that gives you energy and you don't get a process with sugar with it.

That's really good. Is it good? That's really good. I love this tastes so good, and then steaming up the fibers you can get the same food as a tight signal so they can fill for long. Great. Okay second big drug store for sure to boost your energy is found in the supplement diet and its way protein.

Right. It's a complex set of Amino Acids that are in there, but it helps boost your mood and your energy it releases hormone that will literally allow your cells to use energy better. Once super weight protein into your smooth in the morning and you are good to go, turn of? Yes! Give that a taste, if you like my whole concussion here.

I'm predicting you a like but I'm not sure. It's very good. Good, isn't it? Yeah. Very good. And if you like these things, you'll do them. Alright. The next drugstore cure in the boost energy is found everybody in the beauty oil. Believe it or not the next energy booster is a shampoo really.

Yes. [xx] your hair shampoo. I love it. What is the smell like your shampoo? Chemicals. Chemicals? Chemicals yeah. Is that true for Ladia. Yeah some chemicals being I'm not sometimes a natural smelling stuff, still have like chemicals in it. The smell you should get into your nose to get energized is a citrus smell.

It's been shown to boost energy levels and your alertness level as well. So, I want you to all use a shampoo that has a natural, not synthetic, a natural citrus scent to it, it will power you up during the morning shower. So, let a couple of shampoo example, this is called Lemon Tea Tree shampoo by desert essence.

But, it is also the same called Gud, of G U D., Gud by birth pees and this is an orange sample. They are magnificent, and you don't use stance a lot. But the smells in there that are brain senses will energize us independent everything else happening in our lives. So. pick the sense, take it there, and then you'll be able to use them to crash.

Okay, the last drug store cure, [xx] [xx]. A lot of folks don't think [xx] but usually when you go into [xx] what are you looking for? Magazines. Chocolate. Chocolate. Right? Stuff that you know is going to trip you up. From now on, if you go to checkout counter, I want you pick up is gum.

Sugarless gum. Studies have shown over and over again that chewing gum is associated with reducing stress, and actually seem more alert. And you know it seems to activate different muscles obvious in your mouth, but different tamper muscle in your skull to get the whole external skull moving in the right direction, it turns out, mint flavored gums are the best of that.

Spirit mints, pepper mints, straight-off mints, whatever kinds of mints you like. You know what, it's yours. Thank you very much. Thank you, thank you.