How Can I Get More Energy From Fruit?

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Next up is Meleny, who wants to get more energy from fruits. [xx] Fruit is a simple thing you do, you get bored by it? I love fruits and my my kids love fruits, they've the energy but I don't. So, it's like what can I do to add something to give me a boost. You like nuts? I love nuts I like that, that's the choc perfect, but I don't think about [xx] that's any [xx] what are you going to do? You add on to get more energy from your fruit is going to involve cashew crumble.

Okay. So you take some cashews you put them into a coffee grinder then you take your fruit and you dip it in the crumble like this and it looks is like that one when it comes out. I want you to give me taste of that [xx] pick a banana [xx] and gives you a mixture of the fruit taste you may find bland because you've had it since you were a kid with a [xx] of that that gives you exotic flavor to it.

I like it. [xx] keep having it. Okay. Thank you very much.