How Can I Get Energized at the Start the Day?

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Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. If you feel more tired today than you did yesterday, don't change the channel. In just one day, you can turn it all around. I've made it my job to stay those moments in your life when your energy is flagging. Those things you do everyday, that you think are helping you but are actually sapping your energy into a vortex that you can't escape.

That's how I tailor made my ultimate plan to end your fatigue and boost your energy in just 24 hours. Your days of feeling exhausted are done, and how can I make such a promise? Well listen to the 24 women who already took part of my plan and turned their lives around. I always struggle to get myself going in the morning.

I feel sleepy everyday. My energy tanks at 3 PM. I'm so tired when I go to bed, I end up tossing and turning all night. So we put these energy deprived ladies on our ultimate 24 hour plan to help fight their fatigue. The results amazed me. [xx] mid afternoon I've got tons of energy for my kids.

Technique he recommended left me feeling fantastic. Now I'm finally on the go. I thought the night time remedy seemed a little strange, but it's totally working. Want to amp up your energy? My 24 hour energy boost plan will show you how. My 24 hour energy boost focuses on zapping the black holes that are zapping your energy throughout your day.

Let's start with here with the first black hole that's causing your fatigue. How do you start your morning? Listen, I know so many of you wake up in the morning, you're exhausted you're unsure of how to get yourselves going, so you study you speak for everybody now. Yeah tell me about your mornings how are they like? My mornings are dragging.

First of all I don't get to bed until pretty late, and I don't get the sleep I'd like to get, and my husband is always saying, "Well you're not really a morning person." But I really I'm just don't have any energy well let me start with how you get up in the morning. A simple thing like that can make a big difference, so lie down here if you don't mind just pretend, you're laying in bed, you had a restless night that's a, but you don't have to cuddle in there, get a, now show me how you get up in the morning.

How would you get up in the morning? The alarm goes off. I'm normally dragging. You're dragging, you're struggling Do I really have to get up and do this today? The pause. You stand up. Do you go back to sleep afterwards? Sometimes. Just hit the snooze button. I'm happy you're honest about that what I told you is important that you can get out of bed immediately and you start your day.

If you don't do that, you're getting off to the wrong foot. So surveys show and this is important in reality that people who get up and are active in the morning are much more productive because they get that blood moving quickly. So we are going to do and this is the first part of my 24 hour energy boosting plan is something I called a bio-elevation explosion.

Sounds big, doesn't it? Bio-elevation explosion. I'm going to [xx] simple, I'm going to demonstrate a point and we're all going to do it together, aren't we all doing this? Yes. First of all, you get out of bed, not that little lethargic little thing. You get out and instead of thinking of going back to bed, I'll do it for you first time, you get, crouch down so your heart is close to your knees, once your crouched down so that your heart is around your knees, then you are going to explode up like this.

Now sounds little bit silly, doesn't it? Little bit. [xx] I got that. When you do that, the blood is immediately pulled back to your heart, where you now have access to it and you can recirculate your heart rate will warm back and begin to increase and you'll get ready for the morning.

OK. There are many ways of doing this, but I love this bio elevation explosion. So I want everybody here to try to us if you don't mind everyone stand up. Thanks. On a count of three, put for first time on television, we all going to explode. Fair enough? Fair enough. Are you ready everybody? Ready.

You crash down, heart down, post for your legs if you can. One two three explode. Now you are on your way..