Boost Your Energy With These 3 Foods

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Feeling sluggish? Here are three great energizers you should add to your day, apples, sesame seeds and good old H20 water, research suggests that each of these items have unique stamina shifting powers that can boost your energy naturally. Apples are one of the best food sources of [xx]. A plant base spital chemical that has been linked to greater athletic endurance.

We can get it naturally from onions and tea as well as apples. Sesame seeds, they may be tiny but that chalkful of magnesium, a mineral that sells need in order to turn the food we eat to into energy our bodies can use. Just sprinkle some of the sesame seeds on peanut butter toasts add them to a trail mix or toss a spoonful of [xx] fries [xx] and backed goods, and finally water.

Getting dehydrated so is the quickest way to take the spring out of your in fact being even just a little dehydrated can lead to unpleasant feelings like fatigue crankiness and foggy thinking. So when you're dragging grab yourself a tall drink of water. Three easy ways to boost your energy. Stay tuned for more smart health tips from me Dr. Rozz right here.