Is It Safe to Travel with Ebola Being a Concern Right Now?

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How many of you let me see a show of hands. How many of you flew here to get to the show, got on plane. So I see a bunch of people up here and this is an issue because a lot of people right now are saying I don't want to travel, I don't want to have cruises I don't want to do anything because I'm being worried about exposure.

Dr. Van Tulleken how much of a concern is this virus for people who are on airplanes now travelling around the globe? I think it's important to say that the risk of catching it on an airplane is extremely low at the moment so personally I wouldn't be concerned about getting on a plane almost anywhere in the world.

In West Africa we're screening people for temperatures and that really does do a pretty good job of making sure no one gets on the plane who is infectious. So air travel, good news that's okay. Next issue is the hospitals, how prepared are we. Again, how many of you, show me a show of hands, how many of you think your local hospitals are well enough prepared to take care of Ebola? Not a single person? 200 people in the audience not a single person thinks we are.

I got to say I'm stunned, there are currently I will give you some numbers there are currently only four hospitals in the country adequately equipped to treat Ebola patients, there they are. And these hospitals just see how many beds they have, 11 total. Dr. West you hospital is one of those four hospitals.

Please share with me the details, a little bit of what is the precaution that is taken in your emergency room and in your Ebola units. Well it really speaks to the degree of complexity of taking care of patients with Ebola, at Emory we have a staff and team of people who have trained for years and years and this is what they know how to do.

They know how to take care of these patients and protect themselves.