How Is a Blood Test for Ebola Handled to Prevent Contamination?

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How about blood testing? I'm curious about his because most of the times we take your blood, we put it in this long air tubes, and we fire these things across to the blood clot and then the blood mixes well, people's blood while it's being tested. So what happens in your hospital? That's exactly what you don't want to happen.

So what we have is a protocol in place, when you are tested the patient free Ebola that's the only test you are running, and you are sending that not to the tube system, not with the regular lab system but by itself to a specific Ebola unit and that's where they test that blood.

So there is no risk of contaminating anybody else. Then one last question. How many people are involved in taking a gown off or putting one on when they are taking care of Ebola patients that you are taking care off? So you need at least one person to watch you and make sure as a person standing beside and make sure you're not contaminating yourself, and if you are, they stop you immediately so that you can take a step back and not be exposed.