Why Do I Keep Getting Bloody Noses?

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Last question, good idea and actually email from Facebook. We got lots of folks training us from Facebook and this is the question from Donna, and she says, she's from Iowa byway. That they often get bloody noses. Why do I keep getting a bloody nose and what can I do about it? Okay, there're two kinds of bloody noses.

There is bloody noses from the front of the nose and the blood in the nose is from the back of the nose. If it's in the back of the nose it worries us a lot more because you can't compress it, once in the front you squeeze your nose like this and put your head back, that should be able to push off the blood supply to that part of the nose doesn't bleed much.

The major reason by far is picking your nose, by far and even if you you don't do it on purpose you rub your nose like this the dry air cracks the little membranes, people who drink sometimes build up little bigger vessels in the nose, and the alcohol within your blood, so that also can cause you to have a little more bleeding.

Also if you're having a lot of them I have to advice anybody that tells me they might have an issue with their platelets or some of the other clotting products in their blood stream. Because that's ultimately how we put the cement in the walls of our blood vessels to make sure they don't bleed too much.

Makes sense everybody? Yes. Right. I love these questions, please keep asking me to them, we've got them on my Facebook page, you can pull them off from Twitter, and of course doctoroz.com.