When Should I Get See a Doctor About a Hoarse Voice?

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We are going with this right now, because vocal cord damage is voice misuse and abuse and it causes nasals and that's when get [XX] and they get trauma to the courts for that reason and his nuggels and which occur, are effective in changing the way you can make sounds in your voice.

And so, Dr. Kelly, this are often called [xx] right? Because that a [xx] on your feet. Let me show you what it looks like. In fact [xx] walk us through this. Okay, so what you are seeing on the screen on the right, is a actual theater performer who is some so much that she's got nuggels in the center of the code.

And you can see what she looks like on the other side, on the left side, that is after the [xx] nasals have been resented. We don't always do surgery up front, but ultimately if they don't resolve with other supportive measures such as voice, rehab, therapy and other kinds of things we do remove them.

So how do you know if you are developing nasals in your chords, what is the best way to tell? Clearly if something is on your vocal codes, most common system is hoarseness and is inevitable that the vocal codes aren't vibrating adequately and you can hear that hoarse sound. Other things that happen to people with nasals [xx] is that they have difficulty projecting their voice.

And then finally, it gets tiring because you have to push so hard to make sound and the sound doesn't come out they actually get vocal exhausting. But for everybody out there who has hoarse voice,you start off with resting your voice, make sense don't use it. Hydration, voice therapy which actually failed to mention and if this doesn't work sometime surgery.

But in order to regain the ability to speak and probably prevent it from getting it worse thats often a better way of going. So I will actually want to show you what we saw there and I saw it [xx] but that is a [xx] setup if you [XX]. Just describe to us what you saw, you can get up in the full screen.

Those are your vocal codes. So Kelly, they both are quite swollen and what you see here is what you probably have nasal from your cheer leading days and then as you continue to cheer lead for your son you developed all this, and this is all vascular trauma. It only happens from overusing force and there's now in that nasal [XX] and this is a vascular malformation.

That blood vessel has broken may times. When you thoroughly lost your voice at an event, you probably hemorrhaged all through your vocal cord and waited a couple of days to talk again, and this has happened repeatedly and repeatedly. As I said, nobody who has this type of appearance is shy.

And if you have that kind of a nasal [xx] if that's taken off will Kelly's voice get better? Substantially. And this is not the type of thing that will with therapy alone be solved in my view. So, you would end up treating the reflux which is all this secretions here, then subsequently going through some surgical procedures and we use very special unusual lasers today which are perfect for this.

It's what Stephen Tyler had, essentially. It's a similar operation what you would need and then fundamentally go through voice rehabilitation therapy to help you to prevent this from ever happening again. And when should a patient see a physician expert in this area? They should probably go if it's persistently hoarse by any of their friends and family for three weeks but then it really becomes an issue if people who are strangers to you, think that your voice isn't right because unfortunately, what you have in your vocal codes has probably been there over 10 years.

Even cancers, preceded by displeasure for many, many, many years and people thought that that was the vocal signature so, nothing to worry about. In fact, there is a lot to worry about. Kelly, thank you very. We can get some good referrals on this. Dr [XX] thanks for all the work you do.

Congratulations. We will be right back..