What Causes Ringing In the Ears?

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Come on. What's your name? Jane. Hey Jane. I have a question about constant ringing in my ear, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Is your friend the one with the banana mask? Yeah. The banana mask works for that. It looked good, it looked yummy. It doesn't work for tinnitus though which is what you're describing, the ringing in the ear.

So the ear has several different important functions. It bounces us and obviously we can hear through it but the connection between the sound we hear on the outside and the brain is a very subtle one. It's very sophisticated and that it takes noises and it converts them to electrical charges for the brain to understand, at that touch point, sometimes problems occurs, and that occurs the body will only interpret it as ringing, so this is one of those areas although it is a very common problem and we all learn about it in the first year medical school, so very few graduates really know how to treat it well.

So rather than making sure you're off medication and other toxins that can be causing it, we have people to do ear testing on patients and figure out exactly where is the problem and we can also fix it very effectively either with a medical diagnostic technique or with use of hearing age you probably don't need the latter.

I hope not. But sometimes it gets so loud that you can't here other noises. Thank you very much.