What Can I Do to Treat Tinnitus?

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Everyday I love answering your questions, so let's get right to them. Who's number one? With the smiley face, yes. Hi Dr. Oz. How are you? My question to you is I have really horrible hearing, a buzzing in my ear. What can I do about it, and is there anything that I can do to lessen the symptoms? How long have you had the symptoms? About two years.

>>Oay, so that's called Tinnitus. Tinnitus affects about 50 million Americans, I mean it's really common. It's actually associated with B 12 deficiency which is an important B vitamin that sometimes you don't absorb normally, so as we get older we have difficulty getting enough of it.

You can get B 12 from pills but also meat, sushi have it in it as well. Caffeine makes it worse, actually quinine in tonic water makes it worse also, just to mention this for anyone out there listening because the 50 million people that have it, that's a lot of folks. Alcohol, and by the way, high doses of aspirin will do it.

So those are all very common and very reversible reasons why people have tinnitus. The thing that I like to recommend is that you try some out of the ordinary thoughts. The white noise machines actually can make it a lot better, and certainly for folks who are able to work by themselves, sounds of a waterfall and the like will sort of drown off the tinnitus, and biofeedback sometimes works.

You can sort of meditate so you don't get bothered by it, but fundamentally tinnitus happens because in the inside of the ear where the hearing mechanism is with those bones touch, there is a problem with their communication with the nerves, and that's what causes it and again different reasons for it, but sometimes it's hard to get in there to fix it.

OK. All right? Yes. Thank you very much for lending me your ears. Thank you.