What Can I Do for Nasal Congestion?

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The nasal congestion is tough because we can't work if we have a constant running and dripping nose, so there are a lot different remedies for nasal congestion, the most commonly known and understood is of course [xx] washes[sp?], where we're squirting [xx] through our nostrils and nasal cavities to help loosen up that congestion, kill bacteria and kill viruses.

In addition to that though, there are tonnes of remedies and supplements that seem to help nasal congestion. If you have a drippy runny nose, a homeopathic remedy that I firmly believe in is called Allium Cepa. It comes basically from garlic and onions and it helps to decrease inflammation and really dry up all that excessive congestion.

Chicken soup is another great remedy for almost the same reasons. Chicken soup is usually made with garlic and onions contains chicken which has the Amino acids system that helps to break up congestion and decrease overall mucus and also has a lot of other healing and non inflammatory properties and boosts the immune system.

So those are some of the common ones that I like, and there more, there's steam inhalation that you actually steam with certain herbs like eucalyptus or rosemary to break up congestion and then there is natural antihistamines like apples which have quercetin and pineapples which have bromelain that also help to break up congestion and get rid of constant running drippy nose.