What Can I Do About My Runny Nose?

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Hi doctor Oz. My name is Nancy. Hi Nancy. No matter what season it is, I don't have any allergies, I don't have a cold and yet my nose is always running. Well sometimes folks just hyper reactive to the outside world. Maybe not just the same way people get chemical sensitivities, and so the most important thing for those folks is to make sure they clear out all the antigens, all the irritant that could be in their nose that a needy pot ends up to be a pretty good solution for that.

Have you ever tried a needy pot? No. Do you know what it is? No. Alright you be the needy pot. You stand up. You suck. You're sitting innocently there. Alright pretend my hand is the teapot, would you needy pot is and so you put the water the teapot and it's got to be warm water with a little bit of salt in it.

Then you lean your head forward and over like that then the teapot tip, you see that mam? Goes in like this and it turns up the water rushes through the nose up to the sinus as it back out to the other side washing up everything. It's like brushing your teeth except for your nose.

Okay my mother used to that when we were young, that was the old Italian. Did they punish you? No, when we had a cold. Thank you very much. Thanks to both of you. Alright, thank you very much for all your questions.