Is Your Cell Phone Making Your Ears Ring?

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Hi, Dr. Oz here with today's smart health tip. This one's about your cellphone. As cellphone ownership has surged so have questions about the health risks. One potential risk is tinnitus. That's a little understood condition that causes distracting ringing, humming, buzzing or other low level sounds in your ears.

One study found that the risk of tinnitus was about 71% higher in people who use their mobile phones at least 10 minutes a day. The odds of having the condition also double in people who've been using a cell phone for at least four years. Other factors can cost in this too, including a noisy environment, and it's not entirely clear how cell phone contribute to it.

But, if you'd like to reduce your risk of tinnitus, use a hands-free device your mobile phone, or consider using a landline for long calls. For more ways to be healthier and live better, stay tuned and watch all of our [xx] right here.