Is There a Home Remedy for Sinus Infections?

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Connie is joining us from Florida, welcome Connie. I heard about this but I now may actually see it for sure tell us about your sinus infection remedy.I used to have chronic and acute sinusitis what I've been doing it for 15 years and I have not had sinus infection in 15 years.

I don't eat the garlic, I don't drink the garlic, I actually snort it out of my nose. Alright let's just go through this that you are going to take some garlic I guess. Yeah and put it in a blender, always use a blender, the last thing you want is chunks. Chunks are really bad. Alright, you blend it up, and then what do you do? And you get the juice search the BA syringe they've already fridge juiced for me and you really need.

It just smell itself enough to get you going. Certainly no spray afterwards, do not use a large amount, it's just a drop or two, if you wear contacts take them off because your eyes are going to do really awful things, I don't even leave my glasses on for this. And you take a deep breath, you smile nice and you do this.

I understand for as long as you possibly can, I understand it was a very brave so you did the other side because it really doesn't work unless you do both sides. Alright, so you put this [xx] tests, we did a lot of homework on this. Audience, what do you think? Yes!You think anything that painful has to work, is that what you think? Yes.

Alright time to find out, maybe. Here is the deal, that's very pretty honest the garlic actually is effective a lot of potential antiviral agents and proof is for that evidence that groove is one of them could work for sinusitis it's never been shown the work for snorting, but I got to get my trick it could be studied that way, but it works in other ways.

Saline squirt is probably the smartest thing of all because it's like a mini [xx] it washes out your insides which we know works for sinus infections. My concern, I hope your concerned as well about this. This is a possibility of some of these garlic particles get stuck in there right and I do not know what [UNKNOWN] will grow or is something that will grow on this.

So, my advice was to keep using the saline solution, but maybe add an oral version of the garlic, get some of the benefit instead of storing it.