How to Safely Remove Earwax

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz. Listen up, your ears are built to ward off dirt and bacteria that can enter, silia blocks incoming elements with incoming elements with fine hair fibers and ear wax ushers them back outside. But if ear wax builds up or gets pushed back deeper into your ears end zones, nothing gets in or out, including sound.

If you're troubled by muffled hearing, ear pain or other ear ache symptoms, you may need to do some infection prevention. Follow these safe steps. First, heat up a small amount of mineral oil in warm water, don't microwave it.Lie in your side with the ear that has the earwig facing the ceiling, drip the warm oil into your ear using a eye dropper, stay put in that position the wax is going to dissolve in less than an hour. Keep your head to let the wax strain onto a towel.

You can also get an ear wax remover kit from a pharmacy. If this home remedy doesn't work, talk to your doctor. Never poke around in your ear. That risks damaging your ear drum. I'm Dr Oz. Watch all or our smart tips for more ways to stay well.