How Is Laryngitis Treated?

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So unfortunately, there's no magic pill or magic bullet for Laryngitis. So its a lot of self care and being very aggressive about taking care of that area of the larynx. I always recommend steam and inhalation because the heat will help to relax the area, open up the larynx, make it much easier to swallow and to speak.

Fluids, excessive fluids almost to help hydrate that area and loosen up congestion in mucus and then we'll turn to our herbs and different supplements that will be helpful and some of these include, slippery elm which binds it to the mucus and helps it break it up, licorice root which is also an anti inflammatory and then black cherry bark which also loosens mucus in secretion.

All of this will help, if you still are having a lot of pain from Laryngial type symptoms, then in the extreme case we sometimes prescribe thyroids because they will take down inflammation, which your supplements will take longer to do.