How Can I Remove Earwax?

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Fact number three is that excess wax can lead to infection. This is an important point. Because it can trap more water and with the water, it actually provides a moist environment and what loves moist environments? Bugs, bacteria absolutely, and so for that reason sometimes you do have to get the wax out but there's a right way to do and there's a wrong way to do it.

So, over here I have built for you a little demonstration,okay. So I want you to take this Q tip alright? Now you go in here there's the canal, there's a little bit of wax on the side, you've gone through the outside of the part of the ear keep going. Keep going? Yeah, now how far are you supposed to go? Keep going.

How far do you go before you stop in your ear? I don't go in very deep. You don't? No, I was told it's not good. Well why would go in very deep be a problem? It's okay like that right? Well, you might hurt your eardrum. How do you know if you're too close to the eardrum to cause harm for us? I don't know, that's why you don't go in too deep.

[LAUGH] Well good point. Now, couple of issues here first of all, when you push the Q tip in you actually shove the wax deeper into the canal. So that's the muzzle loaded gun, right, you just stuff in the stuff in there you actually can impact and push all this wax and closes over the eardrum like this and in some people and I've taking care of people who have done this, by mistake they're holding the Q tip like this,right? That is a problem, because if I mistake you when you think you are doing the right thing you push on this thing you'll actually pop the eardrum and that is one of the reasons that we don't think people should be using Q tips.

I got a better solution where, you can move this side. Sure. You're going to do it on me. Okay. You can put your purple gloves on. This is what you should be doing instead of using a Q tip everyday. Three times a week, you can take a little bit of baby oil take the dropper, Okay.

You're all right. How many drops? You put enough drops so probably three drops is enough. Oh that hurts. It hurts. No I'm kidding You stay there for a second. I can't hear you by the way. Okay. Then when you stand straight again it will dissolve the wax and what I do is I take my t shirt, that I usually wear, put your finger because nothing is smaller than your fingers, that's why your fingers are this size.

Some say because they cant get too deeply, you get stuck in the middle of the ear canal, put your fingers in there, rub it like that, and the wax will come out together with the baby oil. Can you use something other than your finger? I mean. You're going to use a towel, but- I was going to say.

There you are take that, stick that in my ear, your finger that is? I got it, I got. Good. Very nicely done. All right that's perfect, you got the wax out, you got the oil out. Successfully done. Thank you very much..