Can Big Earrings Hurt My Ears?

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Now let's move on to the 80s, to the 80s. Now representing the 80s is Stephanie Seae/g. [APPLAUSE] I'm happy you're here too. Is that your husband down there? Yes. Let's see if he gets embarrassed by your answer here. So we're talking about contraception. No we're not. So what do you miss about the 80s? Outrageous fashion.

I had big hair big, heels, neon. How about your earrings, is your big earrings?. >>Oh yes. A lot of fun accessories. All right, let's talk about earrings. in the 80's everyone had those hoop earrings you were talking about they were a big trend, today it's stud earrings so the question audience what do you think was it better for your health back then we have a couple of yes's the men are saying yes.

What do you think? No. All right, let's reveal it, Tutu was it better back then? [SOUND] no, does it much better you know that let's talk about why that sells, loops are too often heavy and they stretch right they pull the ear loop down. I can't tell you how many of these I have seen torn out of ear logs they star they infect they are a problem but hear is general rule for earrings you never want them to be more than a quarter down from your ear that's about the size, but an inch down to loop is larger than that if you avoid that rule you could avoid those dangers.

Thank you for joining us. You guys are all wonderful. Thanks for being my guest, we'll be right back.