Are Earphones Healthy to Use?

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Move on to the 70s. Representing the 70s is Reneda. Please dance your way up here, Reneda. I'm so excited to have you guys. I love you. You just got your way up here come have a sit up here, alright, stand up a little bit. Now, 70s cool decade, sort of when I grew up as well, what's your favorite part? Probably the music.

The music? Yes, the music is fine. [xx] weren't they? Used to listen to the Commodores, [xx] Jackson Fives. Yes I love [xx]. I listen to a lot of music as well but in the 70s, we listened to music on stereo didn't we? And Hcheck tape players. And HCheck is exactly right. Today. most people use earphones.

So the question is what do you think? Was it better for your health back then? Audience what do you think? Stereo, I think the stereo was better. Why do think is better? Well with the earphones, they are so close to your eardrums and people have a tendency to play them too loud.

Defeaning. Let's find out two two was is better back then? It was. You are absolutely actually right. Listening to the stereo is safer than earphones and here's why. You are getting more hearing loss today by the way and perhaps because of this, but earphones boost the sound 6 to 9 decibels, which is almost a doubling, that's the intensity difference between the sound made from a vacuum and a motorcycle engine.

It's a big deal that kind of difference. So the safe, to use earphone is to keep to level with turned up with around 6 out of 10, so little bit more than half way up and no more than an hour a day. What are you doing, is that how you're doing it? Mostly yes. Can you hear me, roll that out.

Thank you very much. Thank you Dr. Oz..