Which Foods Help Boost Metabolism?

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And grape fruit juice. I know a lot of folks instead of having the actual fruit will just have the juice. You just mentioned that's it's the white stuff that we're looking for. Yeah, and when we're talking about your apples and in terms of anyone who's working to loose weight, no liquid calorie.

We don't want that liquid sugar which is going to go in really quickly into the body, doesn't require the digestion but you're also missing some of those nutrients, I would say skip the juice and eat it, and look we've got great options here. You can add grape fruit to a salad, it's great in terms of taste, and here, actually put the grape fruit on your plate when you're serving, you can cut it out like this or you can leave it, but that's going to be a reminder for you as you're eating chicken, the grape fruit is actually working on it, right then and there.

Catch, catch it right back there, she got it alright. Next week we're going to talk [xx] body type [xx] Yes. Spicy things. They are. So what spice does, and are you ready for it, we're going to try them, what spice does is it heats us up. When we're heated up just like if the body had a fever, when we're heated up our cells are working fast, okay I'm going to interrupt you right away.

Take from over there. One of the things if you're all like, I happen to love spice, I might go in. Now she helps. Oh my God I'm piece you here, [xx] removes, so that's one of the easiest way to you can reduce some of the spice amount. The other thing that you can do is you can cook it, which will help you, so you know if making your eggs or your are making cheese sauce or you're making a soup, actually put all the pepper in and don't eat them all like you're about to.

We got a good one. It's really spicy. So what you want to do is you want to combine it with the [xx]. So here we have low fat dairy, we have some cheese, we've yogurt cultures all over the world. Wow, I'm doing fine. Oh please. Sometimes I'm You seem emotional about this segment. I love it, I love it but you really do you feel that internal heat and one of the important things here is not just how quickly it works, but the fact that it is working in that moment to metabolically boost, it's not going to be working for you 3 to 5 hours later.

So, you don't eat this and then have an ice cream Sunday later. That's not going to work for you. But, if you have a little bit of peppers at one meal or you have a little of [xx] one meal, add that meal it's going to be doing it. And finally the last secret of [xx] metabolism no matter what your body shape [xx] for you will complain, complain [xx] sardines work.

I had it yummy good, we happen to love sardines, so really excited about them. These little guys right here are power houses of nutrition. So, in different times you've talked about the essential fatty acids in there that's great. The protein here is going to be great for you, building your muscles, the more lean body mass, you have it's going to support your metabolism, but what's unique in here, is the B12 and also the coq10, coQ10 is something we often hear about just in the supplement form, but coQ10 actually goes in and allows oxygen into our muscles, and when our muscles are more oxygenated, they're going to burn faster so they are awesome for you.

What you don't see here is that you don't see carbohydrates. So is a great option also is a lean protein source for you. It doesn't mean we want you to skip carbohydrates but it helps you to reduce your carbohydrate, you're not eating that raw. Any dares? That's the raw one. I can't eat these though, you want to eat that? That's just is in some [xx].

I get these cans and bolts and I keep them around, it's a very smart way to go for all those reasons actually mentioned, and this should be part of your [xx]. We've just given you four foods and [xx] change your metabolism the day you start eating them..