What's a Healthy Snack to Satisfy My Salt Craving?

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But they are, these are oven baked onion rings. So very simply, you take an onion, you slice it up, then you take them, here's some egg batter, dip it in there and then it's just one egg of batter not much and you put it in this blend of, it's got fiber cereals, it's got oregano in it, a little bit of old bay spice.

Okay. Now put it over here, fast to make these. Throw those in the oven for 20 or 30 minutes roughly, as crispy as you want and this is what they taste like my dear. Now, I want you to be honest about this, but I'm telling you I'm going to have to fight away the rest of these from you because we have been going crazy on these.

I like them. You like them? They're good. I love onions. Will it cure the salt craving? Definitely. Thank you.