How to Stay Slim

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Hi, I'm Dr. Vonda Wright. Do you want the slim girl secret? It's all in your head. One study looked at women's attitudes towards food and found that the heaviest women were often impulsive eaters. They were tempted by advertising and foods they saw or smelled, they also ate out of stress or boredom.

The skinniest women read labels and were willing to pay more for healthy foods. So how do you turn this advice into a habitant lifestyle? First you need to decide what you're going to eat, that should be mostly produce, 100% whole grains not healthy fats and some lean protein then, get specific. Don't just think grilled fish, but consider a meal of palm smeared black pepper crested tuna.

Instead of deemed vegetables, think roasted vegetables with rosemary. Now that sounds like a meal. To combat temptations and impulsive eating, stock up on fresh fruits like clementines and strawberries, that way what you see and eat is healthy. Planning your meals and re-thinking your attitude about healthy foods are half the battle, and they'll help you win the war on weight gain.

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