How to Plan Healthier Family Meals

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Hi, Dr. Mike Roizen here with a smart tip to help your family keep the doctor away and kids get better grades. For most of us over eating and encouraging our children to eat too much results from emotions and party chemistry being out of work. For example, mums were anxious about family finances, over feeding their kids, and when you do this healthy eating impulses go out the window.

Kids frequently don't know whether they're truly hungry, to make matters worse, persistent stress stimulates release of the hormone cortisol from your adrenal gland, and that makes you crave sugary, fatty foods. You over eat and then you feed your kids the same unhealthy foods you crave. Here is how to ease anxiety and help the whole family have more vigor.

One, make time for family meals. Two, sit down together for 30 minutes. Three, plan menus four days in advance, you'll control unhealthy impulse purchases. Five, get the kids involved in shopping and cooking too. Six, schedule family exercise time, walk around the park or around the block, play ball or garden you'll all shed pounds and stress, and for more ways to nourish your families health, watch all of our smart tips, they're right here.