How to Cope With Emotional Eating

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Back to Mike Roisen here with a simple, smart weight loss tip that really works. Emotional eating is the top challenge when it comes to losing weight. Nashing when you're bored, stressed, lonely, sad even if your team doesn't score touchdown when the other team does, those things are harder to resist than a fluffy puppy.

If you can learn how to handle emotional eating, the path to a slimmer, healthier you will be a lot smoother and easier. One technique, the virtual conveyor belt. When deadline stress makes you crave chips, imagine putting those, I'll never finish feelings on a conveyor belt and watching them as they roll away.

They get smaller and smaller and then they disappear, what you're really dealing with isn't just your deadline, it's at least five brain chemicals to trigger eating urges when you're feeling down, wired or wrung out. You know when you're in that grip, when you crave just one type of food and when the urges aren't from your tummy growing, you want to be sued or numbed or given a shy of well being.

If the conveyor belt doesn't work, try proving emotional resews like exercise and yoga, take a nap. Sleep rejuvenates and arouses you brain that release feel good brain chemicals so you're less likely to reach for those potato chips. For more ways to slim down, watch all of our smart tips for a younger you, they're right here.