How Can I Make a Brownie That's Under 100 Calories?

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Chocolate brownies aren't usually part of a healthy diet, I admit but author and chef Rocco Dispirito says his brownies are the best thing he ever ate under a 100 calories and here help make it with me is Jennifer welcome to the show Jennifer. Thank you. Glad to be here. So [xx] and why reveal the secret now that you like brownies, and that you can make with them with under a 100 calories? Over the past few years I have learned a lot about how to eat healthy and delicious and I've decided that healthy and delicious should not be mutually exclusive anymore.

The reason I want to do this segment because I don't eat a lot of brownies is I want to be eat things that you want to eat, enjoy them but also recognize that you can make in a way that is bit healthier and the Rocco is the best at this. Let's celebrate with everybody, now what is the first step for this wonderful treat? First step is you make a brownie mix and it's totally different than any other brownie mix you've ever seen.

The secret ingredient this brownie makes are black beans right I know you're thinking my God black beans go in there. This is egg replacement. So this are egg white anything you want a little bit of whole wheat pastry flour that's what it is and then here is he secret ingredient the thing that makes chocolate taste good is the cocoa powder.

It's not the fat that goes with cocoa powder and this is a little bit of espresso powder or instant coffee because coffee make chocolate taste bigger. It amplifies chocolate, so let's see if this works. Wow! [xx] you let this stand for two minutes. After two minutes you need to do it for two minutes because you want those beans to be really pureed, if they are pureed you might feel the texture of it if they're pureed really fine, you'll never know there in there and you never have to tell anybody.

And this is what it looks like and then we have a gaby nectar, a little bit of real butter, because a little bit of real butter goes a long, long way and a little bit of vanilla essence and where we can try to get an all natural vanilla, it just tastes better. And then we spin it again for another minute and then this is what it looks like when it's done [xx].

Goes in an eight by eight baking dish, so goes in the oven about 20 minutes we have a fake oven right here [xx]. Put in the oven 20 minutes at 350 and then another five at 300. You want to finish this slowly? How did you even figure that out? If your six minutes is dead then seriously what makes you think that's they you'd make it? It's a lot of trial and error, just like with heart surgery alright? You've ever experimented with kitchen? I do.

Yes I do I've had some really good successes and I've had complete failures. Okay, now here is what it looks like when it's chilled. Yeah this is how it looks like after it has been chilled. Cut into 15 pieces and so okay, who's seen those little brownie bites in the bags? Those are 180 calories each bite, by the way, tonnes of sugar, all kinds of [xx] stuff in there, I think you can't guess how many calories these are.

You want to know how many calories? I do, but taste it first, if it doesn't taste good, who cares? That's [xx] Alright I should just leave. So it's going to be a really fuzzy fruit in it. So what do you think? Oh my god. Alright. I was very skeptical but this is really good. This is fabulous.

I wish you guys had some. Eat as well, alright, how many calories? Two easy pavements of [xx] to know it, 88 calories, 88 calories fact. Under a gram of fat. Like all three grams of fiber. It's to die for. It's the best thing I've had on under a 100 Calories as well. Thank you very much.

Thank you, my pleasure. has the recipe or the details, how many minutes and what temperature, I'm sure you want to know it all. I will be right back.