How Artificial Sweeteners May be Causing Weight Gain

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Hi, Dr. Kevin Solden here. Is Sucralose made from sugar, sugar substitute, a smart natural alternative to sugar? Well, until now research on Sucralose has been sometimes positive, sometimes not. A few but not all studies indicate, it may trigger weight gain and promote diabetes by making you crave more sweets.

Now, recent lab tests indicate a link between Sucralose and leukemia. More research will have to be done to see if animal results apply to people, but it's yet another reason to give up artificial sweeteners and all added sugars in food and drinks. Try these tips to tame your sweet tooth and retrain your taste buds.

Learn to appreciate natural sweeteners, enjoy flavor packs strawberry, blue berries, figs and apples add them to salads or non fat plain Greek yogurt or serve them with a split of lime juice for dessert. Skip regular and diet soda these just fuel sweet tooth and weight gain instead try ice tea with a drop of two of vanilla crushed mint leaves or lemon or flavor ice coffee with cinnamon and non fat milk, look for sweeteners in real food your waist and taste buds will thank you.

I'm Dr Kevin Soldun for more ways to nourish your health watch all our smart tips right here