How Accurate Is Healthy-Menu Info?

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I'm Doctor Mike Roizen. Here's an important health tip for the next time you eat out even healthy sounding options can harbor hidden calories fats and sodium much more than you expect. For example, one chains chicken burger drops 946 calories in a stunning, this isn't stunning on you, it's stunning for the number.

57 grams of bad fat onto your plate and the healthy sounding Citrus Chicken Salad in another chain, that's got 2548 calories! More than a day's worth for most of us, and 32 grams of unhealthy fat. How can you avoid this calorie trap? Check out the restaurants online nutrition info before you go, and keep an eye on potion size.

At many popular restaurants, three or for normal servings are often heaped under one belt-bursting plate, eat a third and take the rest home, you'll save dough and make yourself much younger. You'll have three meals for the price of one night out too. For more ways to watch your waist, check out all our smart tips right here.