Daydream Your Food Cravings Away

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I'm Dr. Oz with today's health tip to help you stop cravings fast. It's easy and enjoyable but you'll need to use your imagination, literally. That's because when you're trying to manage your weight and trim your waist size, the easiest way to get your mind off that hot fudge Sundae, is to picture your favorite sandy beach, or favorite movie, or slow dancing with your honey, just picture something, anything pleasant that is not related to food.

Research now suggest that daydreaming is even better at calling cravings than distraction to another activity or doing mentally challenging tasks. The theory, is that daydreaming is about an activity or place or a thing that you love, and it employs your senses, like your sight and your sound and smell, which takes the edge off your food craving and makes the edible item seem less real.

It takes practice though. Initially, daydreaming just diminishes the intensity of food cravings, it doesn't immediately kill the craving, but it's a start. So, the next time you got a taste for that chocolate fudge sundae, let your imagination run wild. That's the day's easy health tip, watch more, right here.