Can Side Salads Make You Fat?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz with a tip to keep your weight loss on track. If you order your pizza with a side salad, you just made a high calorie choice healthier, right? Well I never argue that eating a salad is a bad thing that side salad could lure you into eating too much, that's what happens when people in a study were asked to estimate the calories in big meals. Participants were shown pictures of high calorie main dishes like a meat ball, pepperoni cheese stick sandwich, then they were asked to guess the number of calories in them. Whatever a high calorie food item appeared with a helpful side dish, people estimated that the meal had about 43 pure calories, they were when they saw the high calorie dish pictured by it's self.

So what's going on here? Or maybe we think a healthy side dish minimizes the calories in the rest of the meal, but that's just not so. So, if you get that salad on the side, you still need to take into account the full number of calories in your main meal. To be mindful when you order any meal. For more savvy ways to watch your weight, check out all of our smart tips right here.