Are Low-Calorie Restaurant Menus Accurate?

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Hello, I'm Dr. Miller. It's great when restaurants offer some healthy options on their regular menus, but how accurate are those calorie counts? Sometimes, not very. A recent study revealed that low cal restaurant meals may contain up to 18% more calories than what's stated in the nutrition information.

So, consider those numbers a ball park figure. The same study revealed that store bought pre-packaged meals often erred on their calorie counts too going as much as 8% over the listed figure. It's not that the food labels are intended to mislead you, it's just that food service and packaging is not always an exact science. FDA regulations allow packaged foods to contain up to 20% more calories than what's stated on nutrition labels.

By consuming just an extra 5% of calories daily can lead to an extra 10 pounds by the end of the year. The bottom line, if you're counting calories, don't let your healthy menu choice become an excuse for adding dessert. The truth is, you may have already had it. For more ways to eat right and stay healthy, watch all our smart tips, right here.