3 Ways to Make a Healthy Snack Healthier

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Hi, Dr. Mike Roizen here. Do you ever get a craving for something creamy? Well, ice cream is never okay. Food is not, let's make a deal, but low fat or no fat, no sugar added yogurt is always a smart choice. No sugar added, non-fat yogurt is tasty and it packs some serious power. Yogurt keep your gums healthy, keeps your bladder and liver younger and may even give you sweeter breath.

Because you get nice dose of bone protecting calcium, about 400 mg in one little cup, but sometimes, you'll get way more than you bargained for in a cup of yogurt, like high fructose corn syrup, sugar and artificial sweeteners. Here's how to smarten up your favorite snack, go for the non-fat plain stuff, skip even the fruit flavored yogurt, but especially those flavored like cookies and cream or breakfast serials, they're usually loaded with sugar and other sweeteners or dyes you just don't need. Stir in some walnuts, any nuts are good, richer or frozen grapes or frozen mashed bananas for texture and flavor without the added chemicals, choose yoghut with probiotics, these beneficial bacteria help boost immunity, ease digestive troubles, and may even keep you thinner.

Look for ones that contain probiotics or active cultures on the label. Look for containers that have probiotics but don't have the phrase, active cultures. Active cultures can get destroyed by your stomach acids, you want the probiotics though. Watch for all of our smart tips right here to get more ways to boost your health.