The Link Between COPD and Depression

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Hi, Dr. Miller here with a smart tip if you have COPD. How's your mood? I asked because apparent recent studies finds that having chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, COPD, raises your risk for depression. That's especially true for women with COPD and anyone who has severe shortness of breath due to COPD, part of that may be due to the significant challenges of living with COPD, but according to one of the studies, the inflammation that's a whole mark of this disease may also be linked with depression.

Taking steps to manage COPD symptoms can help keep depression at bay. In particular there's some evidence that pulmonary rehab which helps strengthen breathing muscles to improve lung function may reduce anxiety and depression associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder.

And if you suspect you're depressed talk to your doctor about treatment options. You can get help to improve your mood and your COPD. I'm Dr. Miller for more ways to protect your health check out all our smart tips. [BLANK_AUDIO].