Manage Stress to Breathe Better With Asthma and COPD

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller. Can stress trigger breathing problem? In a way, yes. If you have shorts of breathe caused by COPD or asthma, your whole body and mind can be thrown off kilter. Breathing problems alert your nervous system that something has gone array, kicking your body's stress response into high gear, when that happens, your muscles tense, your heart rate and blood pressure go up, and so does your rate of breathing making it even harder to get enough air, before you know it, you become locked into a vicious cycle of stress and trouble breathing, but there's a way to reduce that stress.

Calm your nervous system to want that so-called relaxation response. Many different activities can create this meditation, yoga and tai chi all help, so does virtually anything that helps you relax soothing bath, listening to music or watching the sunset. The formula is simple. Keeping your stress under control can help keep your breath under control and vice versa.

I'm Dr. Miller, for more ways to breathe easy, check out all our smart tips.