Got COPD? Ask Your Doctor About Vitamin D

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Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin is some amazing stuff. It helps boost immunity, fight inflammation and build strong bones. It may even help people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, more commonly known as COPD. Hi! I'm Dr. Miller. One study found that taking a vitamin supplement along with a pulmonary rehab program helps boost exercise capacity and lung function in COPD patients.

That's important because physical inactivity raises your risk of hospitalization with COPD. Now in this study volunteers take a relatively high dose of vitamin D, more than 3000 international units a day. I recommend a 1000 international units per day, and 1200 for folks over 60.

Check with your doctor to find out how much vitamin D you need. A simple blood test can reveal whether you're deficient indeed. You can get your Vitamin D from the sun and supplements. You can also get it from some foods including salmon, vitamin D fortified milk, orange juice and eggs.

I'm Dr. Miller watch all our smart tips for more ways to breath better.