Don't Let Allergy Symptoms Make COPD Worse

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Hi, I'm Dr. Doria Longlespie. If you have both COPD and allergies, you make get a double whammy ofwhizzing and other symptoms. According to a recent study allergies really do worsens COPD symptoms such as whizzing and coughing. Allergies also sends COPD patients to the doctors office more often than folks with COPD who don't suffer from allergies.

Just as with COPD there is no cure for allergies, but having COPD makes it all the more important to treat allergies and avoid allergy triggers. So whether you are allergic pollen in the air or to your hacks dander the diligent about managing your allergies. Take allergy medications if your doctor prescribes them, and look for ways to minimize as your allergy triggers without giving up the activities that you love.

Don't forget that it's important to manage your COPD as well. I'm Dr. Doria. For more ways to breathe better, check out all our Smart Tips.