What Are Symptoms of Colon Cancer?

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Colon cancer is a very treatable, successfully treatable cancer when found early. When found in a colonoscopy, four out of five people will be alive five years later. So over the age of 50, you should talk to your doctor and request for colonoscopy it is a tool that can save on your life, but symptoms could include blood in the stool it could be bright red, it could be tarry colored stool, you could have weight loss, you could have bloating, you could have abdominal pain, you could have something that feels like urgency.

So after you've finished going to the bathroom, you don't feel like you're completely emptied. And that's also a sign of the urgency that we do worry about. All of those are all things that point to a visit at your doctor's office, if you've had a family history of polyps or inflammatory bowel disease such as oesteocholitis, or Crohn's disease, if you have a family history of colon cancer speak to your doctor about a colonoscopy they may recommend an earlier colonoscopy, they are genetic types of syndromes that run in families, in which there are family members that will develop colon cancer and other cancers at younger age, and you can be screened for that and there can be some preventive measures that can be offered.