Prevent Colds With Mushrooms

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I'm Dr. Oz and here's a tip to help keep colds at bay, whether winter cold or summer colds, just add a serving of white button mushrooms to your favorite meal. They can provide reinforcement to the front line soldiers of your immune system. It's because something in mushrooms encourages your dendritic cells important immune system helpers.

They grow up, get to work. Dendritic cells last all those viruses such as those responsible for colds and the flu. Then they bring those viruses to your germ killing B lymphocytes to be finished off, there was no clear how or why. Researchers think it's a compound in white mushrooms called poycycloids that trigger the whole process, we already knew that mushrooms have a host of help promoting colds.

They are low in fat, they are low in calories, they are full of anti-oxidants which are all good for your arteries. So while scientist are unraveling how mushrooms also keeps colds at bay, don't bother waiting. Slice up some mushrooms and add them to salads omelettes or to your favorite dish. Just one more smart and easy trick to add to your healthy bag of tips from me Dr. Oz, and you can watch more right here.