Post-Flu Depression? Boost Your Serotonin

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz with a quick tip to beat the blues after a battle with the flue. Once the flu virus's run its course, we may still feel in the dumps, and it's not just because the laundry is 2 Feet high and you're behind at work. Your immune system is still recovering from its battle against the flu virus, which require the unleashing of chemicals called cytokines. Now cytokines have a good cup, bad cup effect. They help your body fight off the flu, but they also deplete your levels of serotonin,

that feel-good chemical in your brain. It takes time to replenish your serotonin supply, but here are a few ways to recover your spirits faster. Keep getting plenty of sleep. Postpone any outings until you feel better, boost your B6, it helps your body produce serotonin, find B6 and B fortified cereals, fresh tuna, baked potatoes, and bananas. Mountain apples and broccoli, both contain a flavanoid called quercetin which keeps immunity high even when you're feeling completely wiped out.

Take care of yourself and you'll feel better, body and mind, in no time. Keep watching for more ways to live healthy, right here.