How Does Hand Washing Help Prevent Me From Catching a Cold?

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My name is Davida. Hi, Davida, and what's your question? My question is, now that cold and flu season is over with, do I still need to be careful about washing my hands? You do actually, because even though we don't have as much flu as we used to have, we will still have some flu, all through the summer even, and the cold sort of the same thing, comes and goes.

You have summer seasons that knock people out as well. And the reason why hand washing is so important, is because it's so simple to do. I get a couple of tips, first of all, germs are usually passed from your mouth to someone else's mouth or nose, and the way we do that is often by either coughing at them or getting it in our fingers.

You need to wash your hands about 20 seconds. Regular soap is effective as the antimicrobial soaps, you don't have to buy expensive weird stuff, just regular soap works just fine. When you wash your hands, get in between the fingers but also get upto the wrist and elbows. When we scrub infor surgery, we do it that way.

That keeps the key parts of our hands that we go like this with or [SOUND] with, free of the little particles that we know can live there for hours, and often are responsible for contaminating the people that we love in our lives. Okay, well. Thank you. Thank you for your question Davida.

Thank you, everybody we'll be right back.