How Can I Stay Healthy During Flu Season?

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Nearly 45,000 saliva drops that are propelled from a typical sneeze. Hitching a ride on the saliva are millions of viruses. They can survive for hours on paper including money even days on doorknobs, and countertops. So here's your master plan to fight the virus. First get your annual flu vaccine, second wash your hands frequently.

Twist and ring warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds, it's longer than you think. And when you sneeze or cough do it in the click of your elbow or to a tissues that's immediately thrown away. Don't rub your eyes, mouth and pick your nose, germs enter through this mucus membranes and coach you nails passages for petroleum guide to create a barrier particularly during plane travel.

Probably stay home when you're sick and do your friends a favor.